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My business wants to hire more diverse talent and track our progress. How can we join?

Yesss! We’re so glad that you’ve taken the first step toward freeing the work!

If you’re interested in a business account, as either an individual or an organization, you can reach out to the FREE THE WORK team via partnerships@freethework.com and our team will help you assess your needs and determine pricing options that make sense for your business needs.

We offer individual business user accounts and organization accounts. An individual business user is a single person that has an account tied to their name and email address. Organization accounts have a business profile page and a custom amount of individual business user licenses (which will be pre-negotiated with FREE THE WORK) that can be managed from within the organization dashboard.

I’ve heard that Free The Bid had great results with its “1 in every 3” pledge. How does the pledge pertain to other industries?

Free The Bid’s pledge ensured the inclusion of ONE woman director on every TRIPLE-BID advertising job, and has indeed had some incredible results -- click here to check out just a few success stories, from brands like HP and agencies like 72andSunny. 

Now, FREE THE WORK is bringing an expanded version of this successful model to procurement practices and production methodologies that are already in place across the film, TV, and media industries, in order to create change to systemically entrenched hiring patterns.

This simple principle can be translated to a pitch scenario, a writers' room or any opportunity for hiring.

We encourage all entities interested in committing to FREE THE WORK's 1:3 principle to work together with our team on a bespoke method of implementation that best applies to practices already in place. Though the terms of the commitment will thus naturally be tailored to the specifics of your company's business model, the core commitment must be the inclusion of 1 underrepresented creator out of every three creators tapped for any given opportunity.

We understand that a commitment to FREE THE WORK's 1:3 principle may not be applicable 100% of the time, and anticipate that instances may arise which require the pledge to be adapted. We look forward to suggestions from your team as to how these principles can best be incorporated into your organization's existing working practices, and building a commitment that makes the most sense for you.

We’re in — and we’re REALLY serious about supporting the cause. How can our company become guardians, founding partners or just advocates of your mission?

Love that enthusiasm! 

You can reach out to FTW via partnerships@freethework.com and let us know what level of commitment you’re interested in—our team will work with you to identify what approach is best. We can’t wait to have you on board!

What’s the difference between signing up for an individual business membership and an organization membership?

An individual business membership is for a single account. We recommend an organization account if you want to have more than one person from your company on the platform, as the site’s personalized recommendations features work best when each individual has their own account, even if tied to an organization. 

An organization account can have multiple individual business accounts nested under it, all publicly associated with the organization. The amount of accounts needed is flexible and we can work with you / your team to identify how many you need and price accordingly.

After our company purchases a business membership, how do we begin creating accounts for all users?

Your organization will have a designated administrator that will manage which team members are assigned the licenses available for your organization. From the Admin dashboard, the administrator will be able to invite individual users to access the licenses that your organization has purchased.

Is there a user limit for my organization’s membership?

An organization’s number of users is predetermined by the agreement entered with FREE THE WORK upon signup. Your organization’s administrator will be able to change this number by discussing with FREE THE WORK, if the need to increase or decrease your organization’s number of users arises. Talk to your organization’s administrator if you wish to change this number or reach out to FREE THE WORK: hello@freethework.com

How can users within my organization use FREE THE WORK to communicate with one another?

FREE THE WORK is a social platform, and similarly to how you’d message on other social platforms, our site has direct messaging capability. FREE THE WORK users are able to have one-to-one conversations with each other.

You can collaborate on playlists (both public and private) by inviting individual users or organizations to the playlist.

Within a playlist, you can like specific videos to share your opinion if you are vetting talent. The ability to have group messaging capabilities and to comment on videos within a playlist will be coming soon!

How can users within my company use FREE THE WORK to communicate with talent?

This operates on a case-by-case basis. Each FREE THE WORK user, both creators and business account users, has the ability to decide who they would like to be able to direct message them. If a creator has enabled the ability for business users to contact them, you will see the option to message them on their profile. 

If a Professional Creator has production company or talent agency representation, they have the ability to display this contact information on their profile. You can reach out to their representatives via the email addresses or phone numbers they have provided.

How does FREE THE WORK’s diversity tracking tool work?

When you have a business account with FREE THE WORK, you have the ability to create Projects that allow you to enter data about the creators you consider and the creators you hire for the roles we have on the platform. 

The data from each Project is collated into a single, real-time dashboard that visualizes this data. You are able to filter the data by a range of variables, including time period, role, location, collaborators and more.

Anyone who is tagged as a collaborator, whether an individual business user or organization, has access to the data that is associated with a Project they are a part of. Each business account, whether an individual business user or organization, will be able to see their own aggregated data. 

Our tracking tool also allows you to add information on creators who are not on the FREE THE WORK platform to your Projects, making FREE THE WORK your one stop, go to place for all diversity hiring data.

Does our membership come with additional benefits?

In addition to the ability to create playlists and track their diversity progress with our bespoke dashboard, FREE THE WORK business members will receive exclusive access to events and more unique perks. You’ll be an important part of our one-of-a-kind global community!

I received an account from an organization that I work with (Amazon, Facebook etc) but also work as an independent producer and still want to have my own account. Can I keep both and toggle between them?

Yes! You are able to have as many accounts as you need/want. 

You can toggle between accounts to keep data and personalization recommendations separate, depending on the interests you have for projects that fall under specific business relationships.

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