Badges were created to allow us to open the database to make all creators searchable while still allowing our users to filter for professional vs emerging creators. They are meant to be a search tool to help increase relevancy of results. Badges appear directly on filmmaker's profiles & each badge has its own filter in search.

Currently we offer these badges:

  • Profile Complete badge
  • Emerging Creator badge
  • Professional Creator badge

Profile Complete badge 

This badge is given to creators once they have completed a minimum of fields. It's designed to help searchers find profiles that have more complete information.

Criteria for this badge are listed below:

  • Name (first & last - captured during onboarding)

  • Email (this refers to account email address set during onboarding. This is not displayed on the profile.)

  • Profile photo - added via dashboard

  • Role(s) - required during onboarding

  • Format(s) - added via dashboard "About You"

  • Skill(s) - added via dashboard "About You"

  • Location(s) - req during onboarding

  • Language(s) - req during onboarding

  • Point of Contact - added via dashboard "About You" 

  • Biography - added via dashboard "About You"

  • at least 1 piece of work (paid or passion) - added during onboarding or via dashboard "Videos" section

Emerging Creator badge

This badge is given to Emerging Creators.


  • at least one piece of work (can be either "paid" or "passion")

Professional Creator badge

This badge is given to Professional Creators.


  • at least 2 pieces of "paid" work

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